Monday, January 26, 2009

Making change in the environment

President Obama today signed executive orders which will allow states such as California to set emission standers for automobiles at the state level. This will allow California to pressure the American auto manufacturers to create energy efficient vehicles that are needed if we expect to have an auto industry in the future. It amazes me that President Bush blocked this kind of step forward. Being a republican usually means that you believe in the states rights. But instead, we had a President who was in the pocket of big business. I am happy that this is no longer the case. The pundits are already saying that the honeymoon is over, but if these type of steps produce results, Obama could have the public's favor for many years to come.

Now its up to congress to draft legislation that will begin converting our nation into a green powered country, independent of the terrorist oil that funds those who seek us harm. It is in our national security interest to stop buying oil and start cleaning up the planet. Conservation is also the key to stopping radical climate change which could soon threaten our very existence on Earth. The time is now to act, we have been stalling for too long.

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  1. But Californians need to do a smog check to register their car, and that's before the signing. I had to get that taken care of last year. Hmmm. . . I wonder what that's all about then. Oh well, who cares; I'm moving outta here anyway.