Wednesday, June 10, 2009

RIP Michael "Chicken" Roof

I would just like to make a post about my recently departed friend Michael Roof. He died too soon, and left a hole in my heart.
I started working at Johnny's Pizza in May of 2006. Soon after, I met Micheal Roof. He was sitting at the bar, having a beer and conversing with a waitress. She introduced me to Michael, and from that point on, I had a favorite customer. Anytime he walked through the door my day became brighter. He became much more than a customer though, he became a true friend. I knew he would listen to me when I needed someone to, and I tried to do the same in turn.

Micheal was also a man who loved his family. I pray for the family he left behind. 3 sons, and a wife. They deserve better than this. I can only imagine how horrible this time is for them. If I have cried a hundred times, they have a thousandfold.

Last night, the staff of Johnny's gathered together to watch a short film Roof gave me. We had a few drinks, and each said a few words about our departed friend. I will cherish the memories that we talked about, and keep that film with me forever.