Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Few words about George Hutchins

Who is George Hutchins? He is a Republican running for the US Congress in the 4th district of North Carolina. He also happens to be an open bigot! According to his campaign website (which is the worst campaign website I have ever been to, looks like it was made in 1999), male homosexuality has been responsible for the downfall of the Greek, Roman, and British empires. In addition to this stupid claim, he also blames male homosexuality for the rise of Hitler and the Nazis!
His reasoning? Because homosexuality was prevalent during all of these times, and all of these empires crumbled, homosexuality must be the cause. This kind of thinking is so blatantly false it is almost too easy to pick apart.
First, this line of thinking does not take into account all of the other factors other than homosexuality that caused these Empires to fall. How does homosexuality destroy an empire again?
And let's not forget the most important FACT. The reason homosexuality was around for all of the major declines of world empires is simple. Homosexuality has always been around since the beginning of recorded history. Homosexuals were also around during all of the great triumphs in human history, because there have always been homosexuals.
And as long as there has been homosexuality, there have been those who hate and condemn homosexual people. It's a fact of life, there will always be people that fear and hate us for there deep down uncomfortableness with anything outside the so called "sexual norm". That's fine, I have no problem with George Hutchins living here in the USA, but I think it would be a shame for him to represent the 4th district of North Carolina in our nation's Congress.