Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Michael Phelps passes the dutchie!

So Americas 23 year old golden boy was caught hitting a bong in South Carolina. How do I feel about this?

I am a liberal who feels that anything you do in your own home is fine, so long as nobody is being harmed or exploited. I also feel that the entire "war on drugs" is a complete waste of money, and keeping pot from being legal is preventing our government from obtaining a huge source for taxable income. So I think Michael Phelps should be able to get stoned if he wants to. After all, how many people are worth $30 million dollars at the age of 23. He has been doing nothing but swimming for the last 8 years, he deserves a little downtime. Even Superman had a fortress of solitude, and if smoking a little reefer makes him feel okay, what is the problem. He is also over 21 as well. Its not as if he is a child, he can make his own decisions.

As for the Sheriff who wants to arrest him. Its nothing more than a publicity stunt. There is no law against smoking weed retroactively as far as I know.

I just hope Phelps doesn't smoke too much. He needs to preserve those lungs for 2012 to extend his medal count.

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