Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A sad day in the lives of LGBT Americans

Today, the California Supreme Court declared that Proposition 8 is valid and should be upheld. To think that in 2009 we are still having to fight for our rights and equality in places like California is astonishing!

The opponents of same sex marriage claim that they are defending "traditional marriage", but they are in fact trying to justify bigotry and discrimination. How does same sex marriage affect heterosexual marriages (Or as Miss California calls is "opposite marriage")? Its not as if straight couples around the world are waiting to have gay marriage so they can become homosexuals themselves. Is there some kind of problem with having a broader definition of what marriage is? Why can't two consenting adults enter into a permanent partnership if they are the same sex? Isn't this in fact sexist to say that two men or two women can't raise a family just as effectively as a heterosexual couple? In fact, I am sure there are LGBT parents who are much better than some straight parents I know. I am also sure that there are shitty LGBT parents too! Some people are not meant to settle down and raise a family, but for those of us who are, we would like to have access to the same rights and benefits that everyone else receives. It isn't "special treatment for special people".

The other side of this issue is that our government is deciding what we can and cannot call a marriage. I think this is discrimination of those who feel that LGBT people should have the right to marry. This includes thousands of Churches and other temples of worship that embrace LGBT people and see their love as valid in God's eyes. Why aren't the Libertarians rising up against this attack on our individual freedom to decide what constitutes a loving union?

In closing, I hope that the people of California are ashamed at their courts. I am saddened to see that the state that Harvey Milk called home is now happy to spit on his legacy. However, this fight is not over, and the opponents of same sex marriage are in for one hell of a wake up call! There are now 5 states with legal gay marriage and more on the way. California will forever be seen as being on the wrong side of history.


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  1. Many moderates and libertarian minded people are beginning to stand up and demand that the government protect a person's equal protection under the law as enshirned under our constitution. Case in point, Ted Olsen (the attorney that represented Bush in Bush v Gore) has joined forces with his opposing counsel from the Bush v Gore case to file a federal lawsuit challenging California's Supreme Court decision.

    See, people from the opposite side of the ideological divide can come together for the commom cause of freedom and individual liberty. Also, Glenn Beck had some very nice things to say on his radio show about gay people and gay marriage (he is very libertarian and very moderate on most of his views and does care about individual rights). Unfortunely some people who don't actually watch his show tend to disparage him simply because they view him as conservative. It's important that if you want people to care and listen to you and your points of view, you also need to be open minded and respectful of other people's views. Only through open dialoge can we bridge the gap and create a more understanding society.